Heroes of Childhood

Some illustrations made for a personal illustration project entitled “Heroes of Childhood”, a series of illustrations about characters from TV and movies, 2011-2012.

Characters: The Goonies, Starsky and Hutch, Stand by me kids, c3po and r2d2 from star wars, a cylon from galactica, Atreyu and Falkor from The Neverending Story, Ludo from Labyrinth, B.A. Baracus from A-team, Ralph from The greatest american hero, Alex and Grig from The last starfighter, The herculoids, The dukes of Hazzard, Twiki from Buck rogers in the 25th century, Signor Rossi, E.T. and Elliot and Hulk Hogan.

A funny thing about this project: some illustration of the project was selected by Poolga (Art for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch created by selected illustrators) as wallpapers for their site.